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AI-Powered Features

AI & ML Based Features

Transform your educational approach with AI-powered tools for seamless content creation, diverse exam preparation, and personalized quizzes, enhancing learning effectiveness across disciplines

AI Course Content Generation

Automate creation of personalized, engaging learning materials

AI Question Bank Generation

Automate generation of diverse, adaptive exam questions

AI Quiz / Practice Set Generation

Generation of customized, adaptive quizzes for effective practice

24/7 AI Assistant Tutor

Round-the-clock AI tutor for personalized learning support

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Course Delivery

Course Management

Create flexible and secure learning experiences with our comprehensive platform, offering versatile course formats, robust content security measures, detailed progress tracking, and strategic content dripping

Create Online/Offline/Self Paced/Hybrid Courses

Design versatile courses: online, offline, self-paced, and hybrid formats

Secure Non Downloadable Content

Content access with download and share restrictions enforced

Track Course Progress

Monitor and analyze learners progress throughout courses

Content Dripping

Scheduled release of course content over time

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Quiz Management

Transform your assessment strategy with our feature-rich platform offering unlimited quiz attempts, automated grading for efficiency, precise positive/negative marking, and insightful analytics for informed decision-making

Unlimited Quiz Attempts

Allow unlimited attempts on quizzes for enhanced learning

Automated Grading of Quizzes

Automate quiz grading for streamlined assessment and feedback

Positive/Negative Quiz Marking

Implement positive and negative marking in quizzes for accuracy

Quiz Analytics

Track and analyze quiz performance with comprehensive analytics

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Learner Management

Academy Management

Optimize your educational administration with our comprehensive platform, featuring streamlined learner enrollment, seamless payment management, flexible fee options, and automated attendance and batch oversight

Single/Bulk Learner Enrollment

Facilitate single or bulk enrollment of learners efficiently

Online/Offline Payment Management

Manage online and offline payments seamlessly

Installment Option for Fee

Enable fee payments through flexible installment plans

Attendance & Batch Management

Efficiently manage attendance and batches with integrated automation

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Performance Analytics

Grades & Performance Management

Empower your educational initiatives with our advanced analytics for tracking learner performance, personalized feedback to drive improvement, automated digital certificate generation, and seamless distribution via email notifications

Performance Analytics

Track and analyze learner performance with detailed analytics

Performance Feedback for Learners

Provide constructive feedback on learner performance and progress

Digital Certificate Generation

Automate the generation of digital certificates for course completion

Push Certificate Email

Automatically send email notifications with digital certificates attached

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Multi Branch Management

Multiple Branch/Franchisee Management

Elevate your franchisee management with our robust platform, designed for seamless scalability, efficient contract automation, global payment integration, and streamlined royalty management

Create Multiple Branches/Franchisees

Our multi-franchisee management platform ensures scalable, efficient, and adaptable operations for smooth expansion

Centre Based Contract Generation

Automate the creation of contracts specific to center-based arrangements

Multi Currency Management

Our platform integrates secure gateways for multi-currency payments, enhancing global accessibility

Royalty Tracking & Management

Our royalty management automates tracking, calculating, and distributing royalties, reducing labor and enhancing transparency

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Custom Branding


Empower your brand with our comprehensive suite of white-label solutions, including custom landing pages, domain connection for trust-building, branded mobile apps, and personalized portal branding, ensuring a cohesive and impactful user experience.

White-labelled Website/Landing Page

Develop white-labeled landing pages for branding flexibility

Connect Your Domain

Instead than using generic URLs, create trust with a customized domain

White-labelled Android/iOS App

Develop branded Android/iOS apps with white-label capabilities

Custom Portal Branding

The change will enhance user experience, navigation, and allow users to unleash their inner designer and create masterpieces

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Sales & Marketing

Marketing Management

Optimize your sales strategy with Recolearn's comprehensive lead management suite, featuring customizable lead types and fields, efficient bulk data handling, and automated email and meeting scheduling.

Create Multiple Lead Types

Develop various types of leads to cater to diverse needs

Customize Lead Fields

Tailor lead fields to suit specific requirements or preferences

Bulk Upload/Export

Enable bulk uploading and exporting of data for efficiency

Email & Meeting Setting

Manage email and meeting scheduling efficiently with automated settings

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Build & Sell Courses/Kits

Product Management

Manage products, streamline sales with integrated ecommerce, optimize inventory, and boost engagement with discount coupons and promo codes with Integrated Product management.

Create Products & Kits

Create and manage products and assets effectively

Integrated Ecommerce Platform

Utilize an integrated ecommerce platform for streamlined sales and operations

Inventory Management

Implement comprehensive inventory management solutions for optimal control and efficiency

Discount Coupons & Promo Codes

Offer discount coupons and promo codes for courses or products

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