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Interactive, Adaptive and Sustainable LMS

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What We Built ?

Recolearn is an all-in-one personalised platform that transcends conventional learning paradigms, empowering human intelligence & unlocking its innate potential. Leveraging new-age technologies & avant-garde designs, this marvel is set to democratize education, embracing adaptability, accessibility, and affordability as its core principles.

Our subscription-based SaaS application provides a unified, scalable tool that caters to organizations of all sizes and types, catering to diverse use cases.  Adopting the ancient Sanskrit adage “NavayugPrajna Sadhanam” which translates to “Path to New Age Learning,” the product’s mantra is to drive continuous innovation in the realm of education.

What we Believe?


Igniting imagination and creativity with forward-thinking technologies

Problem Solving

Transforming challenges into opportunities with agile & adaptive solutions


Putting users first ensuring their needs are met with tailored support

Diversity & Inclusivity

Embracing differences and fostering where everyone can grow & thrive